About Me

Hi, I am Roberto Castellotti, a 19 y.o. geek from Genova, Italy, I have studied in Liceo Scientifico Cassini, right now I am studying Computer Science at UniGE. here you can find my pgp key.

I really enjoy anything tech-related, development, Free and Open Source Software and disassemblying stuff to understand how it works, since I simply cannot accept “It Works”. I am a strong believer of the minimalism philosophy, I have strong opinions and I am always learning.

Technical skills

  •   GNU/Linux (shell scripting, system administration (server and desktop))
  •   Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SSGs (Hugo, Jekyll))
  •  Backend web-development [Django(Python)]
  • /  Git workflow, team work management
  • /  Docker workflow, Gitlab CI/CD, Linux containers
  •   Italian mother tongue, fluent English, basic German understanding
  •   known languages: (Python, Bash, C++)

Interests and Hobbies

  •  Capture The Flag: cybersecurity enthusiast
  •  DIY and Thinkering: disassembling to understand
  •  Science and scientific approach to everyday life
  •  Math (I have a lot to learn)