This post is meant to be a guide for myself for clean installs and other cool stuff, basically it’s a glorified and is not intended to be a guide/tutorial/whatsoever, however if you are a cute bear feel free to PM me. Gitlab repo: rcastellotti/dotfiles (basically a huge Makefile)

  1. make backup

Visual Studio Code



  • make keybase
  • authorize with another device

Telegram Desktop

  • Set theme and background chat wallpaper
  • Native notifications

Gnome terminal

  • Set font to JetBrains Mono (NF 13)
  • disable scrollbar
  • set shift+arrows to switch between tabs
  • set background color to #1c1c1c
  • Guake (75% with 300 vertical offset)

Gnome extensions

  • Dash to Dock
  • GSConnect
  • Voluime Mixer
  • Screenshot Tool
  • EasyScreenCast
  • Default Pop!_OS extensions

Manual install

  • megasync and nautilus integration from website