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no SSG is the best SSG


I don't like Static Site Generators, I learned it the hard way with this website. It is currently at its 8th version, I used a lot of SSGs (Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, Astro, 11ty) and I have been fucking around long enough to understand the experience with using such tools is just bad if you are anything like me. I want to be able to easily customize my personal website, you know, it's a personal website.

That's why I created yet-another-SSG, rcastellotti/nossg, it is less than 60 lines of python (basically glue around Jinja2 templates).

This is really all you need for a static website. Keep it simple stupid, I know you love creating complexity because you feel smarter and more knowledgeable than us normies, but that's your own problem. You' ll realize it sooner or later.

Creating a post is simply a matter of adding a markdown file to /posts (use static/<slug>/ to add pictures). The post should contain (at least) the following metadata:

title: no SSG is the best SSG
slug: nossg
date: 19/08/2022
listed: True #controls whether post is listed in homepage


dev deployment

rc@mbp:~/nossg$ watchexec -r -e py,jinja2,md,css -- make
rc@mbp:~/nossg/build$ python3 -m http.server` #in `./build` directory

prod deployment

.gitlab/workflows/static.yml deploys the website with Github Pages

P.S. Using github.dev it is possible to publish a post straight from the browser.